Fomo is accessible

and proud to be WCAG compliant

Fomo, WCAG and accessibility

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) outlines a standard for international accessibility for people with disabilities.

Fomo injects a simplified version of a notification just above the first heading on your page. This content can be accessed only through a screen reader so the experience for other users stays intact.

This WCAG version of Fomo exposes one random recent notification (per page) and prioritizes showing aggregated notifications first (e.g. "14 people are visiting this page right now"). The Fomo widget’s content changes only upon page refresh in order to not expose extra information that can be overwhelming via screen reader.

Want to read more?

Make sure to check out more about WCAG on our blog.

Learn how people interact with the web via accessibility features by reading Raising awareness about the accessibility and WCAG. This article also features a conversation with Timotej, who helped us alter the Fomo experience to be accessible for screen readers.

If you're interested in how you can help make the web a more inclusive space, check out How can you make your website more accessible? for tips and changes you can introduce yourself.