trust and

Fomo is a simple, automated social proof
solution for businesses like yours

About Fomo

live social proof
for your site

with Fomo your visitors see
customer interactions in real-time

“it shows
that people are
actually shopping”

— Leah, Lagoon Designs

we trust a packed restaurant.
we stand in line at crowded
bars. we rely on wisdom of
the crowd to fit in.

“i love to show
and not tell”

— Jay Clouse, Jay Clouse

no one cares what you have
to say about your business.
social proof is when
customers sell for you.

“i fell in love
with the authentic
approach to

— Denym, Paintvine

today's savvy consumers
prefer personal recommendation
over self-promotion.


a healthy dose
of social proof

all Fomo plans include 2 ways to
show social proof on your website

most popular

live social proof

place anywhere

Fomo Inline

live Fomo notifications

find out for free how live social proof can
boost your website conversions.

Fomo Inline

find out for free how live social proof can
boost your website conversions.


106+ integrations

connect apps you already use to
instantly start showing social proof

recent purchases

show off sales on web shops such as
Shopify, WooCommerce, and others
read a case study

social media

gain followers
read a case study

email signups

show off signups to your Drip,
Mailchimp, and other mailing lists
read a case study

support tickets

build trust in your
responsive customer support
read a case study

forms and clicks

show off form submissions
and button clicks
read a case study

product reviews

show reviews from Yotpo,,
Google Reviews, and others
read a case study

active visitors

make an impression by showing
how busy your site really is
read a case study

zapier & webhooks

connect a submarine with Fomo,
we don’t care. as long as it’s honest
read a case study


leave it on autopilot
or take granular control

Fomo comes packed with useful features
that faciliate high converting user journeys

geo targeting

people trust neighbours
over strangers. scope
events by location.


we apply AI to 6B rows
of buying behaviors for
optimal timing.


show off best selling
products, popular
activity and more.

page rules

tailor the user journey
by page.

patented event generation

we’re excited to announce the issuance of US Patent 10,991,014 for our social proof technology.
read about our patent

Fomo Open

live metrics about our product and business health. download our charts or build your own.
see live metrics


see if Fomo
works for you

no strings attached. find out for free
how live
social proof can boost
your website conversions


sometimes you have to give a FAQ

how do I calculate the ROI of Fomo?

our dashboard does that automatically.
you can also run an A/B test.

can I use this to fake notifications?

our vision is to give honest
entrepreneurs the credibility they
deserve. if you’re dishonest, go away.

I don't sell products. can I still use Fomo?

if you have a website you’re asking for
something. attention, emails, comments.
Fomo can help.

do I have to know how to code?

nope! Fomo connects seamlessly
with 100s of your favorite apps.
love code? here’s our API.

case studies

how to drive conversion with Fomo

Attracting Customers To Your Store Instead Of Amazon

Tony from FreshCap Mushrooms is using Fomo to build sales off of their Shopify store instead of Amazon.


$24k In Sales This Year Just From Fomo!

Learn about how Steven and Lena from Colorado decided against taking a Shark Tank deal and are building their company grassroots by using Fomo.


Showing That Others Are Buying

Learn about how an online health community is using Fomo to get more subscriptions.


watch video

sometimes we film videos for fun

explore features

see how easy it is to use Fomo

read case studies

read 158 in-depth articles