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Fomo is a simple, automated social proof
solution for businesses like yours

About Fomo

live social proof
for your site

with Fomo your visitors see
customer interactions in real-time

“it shows
that people are
actually shopping”

— Leah, Lagoon Designs

we trust a packed restaurant.
we stand in line at crowded
bars. we rely on wisdom of
the crowd to fit in.

“i love to show
and not tell”

— Jay Clouse, Jay Clouse

no one cares what you have
to say about your business.
social proof is when
customers sell for you.

“i fell in love
with the authentic
approach to

— Denym, Paintvine

today's savvy consumers
prefer personal recommendation
over self-promotion.


a healthy dose
of social proof

all Fomo plans include 3 ways to
show social proof on your website

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